Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding and
Third Party Logistics

Global trade is a necessary process to move goods between ports worldwide. Have you done your research to see which options are the most appropriate to satisfy your operational requirements? Sometimes you need to defer to an expert on the matter to find the best solutions available.

Generally, the urgency of the item that you need to ship will influence whether you invest in a fast supply chain solution or compromise to make the best use of all available resources and options. Finding the most cost-effective solutions can be tricky because you need to be mindful of many factors from regulation compliance to customs clearance to managing load requirements and more.

Consult with the team at DEAN World Cargo to ensure that you make informed decisions about freight forwarding and third-party logistics. We have an extremely experienced team of freight forwarders Melbourne.


Air Freight

Do you need to move a small consignment within a short amount of time? Utilising air freight can be a costly endeavour which is why you should seek our professional advice for the most cost-effective & reliable solutions.

Sea Freight

Moving goods along ocean shipping lines is one of the more popular choices when dealing with third party logistics because it is generally more economical. The trade-off is the time it takes the cargo vessel to get from one port to the next.

There is more to sea freight than simply choosing a vessel. There are multiple types of container consignment options that you can choose, LCL (less-than container load), and FCL (full container load) and BCN (Multiple supplier consolidation in a container).

At DEAN we are International freight forwarders and we pride ourselves on working with long term partners in the shipping line world which has enabled our clients to enjoy reliable services at competitive prices for many years. Reliability is our main priority.

Sea-to-Air Services

Rather than commit to one mode of transportation, split your cargo between ocean freight and air freight to benefit from optimised storage capacities and more.

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