Logistics Consulting

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DEAN World Cargo

When you coordinate your cargo and logistics management, do you rely on the same contacts to facilitate your supply chain? Do you ignore more lucrative opportunities out of loyalty? This is a common occurrence where businesses forge partnerships and arrangements in the third party logistics industry. The problem here is if you do not audit your company’s processes properly then you run the risk of compromising your budget and efficiency.

DEAN World Cargo have the global network, IT capabilities, cargo and logistics management and value add services that synchronize to enable you to cut freight costs and move goods more efficiently.

Specialised Logistics Consulting

Consult with our team at DEAN World Cargo to discuss anything that might be relevant to your cargo and logistic management activities. Some of the more popular topics that we advise on include:

  • Tariff, valuation and GST advice
  • Audits and refunds
  • Customs compliance management
  • Dumping advice
  • Industrial training
  • Excise duty advice

Holistic Supply Chain Services

Call DEAN World Cargo to chat about the health of your supply chain. We offer a range of services to help you run a better freight operation.