PO Management

Reporting at your fingertips

DEAN World Cargo have the expertise to customise reports based on your business needs, reporting functionality is split over two areas:

  1. Web based Dashboards which have live feeds directly from our operating system
  2. System generated reports

Did you know that we can use the same IT platform all over the world? That’s right DEAN World Cargo has offices in China, Europe, North America and other locations. DEAN World Cargo use the smart hub technology linking data from Cargo Wise, to ensure that your shipment is available in real-time, always up-to-date and available.


A suite of system generated reporting capabilities exist catering for the client who requires to be updated on the progress of their shipments on a daily/weekly occurrence.

By utilising our system reporting you can monitor your order all the way from the time your goods leave the factory at origin to when they are delivered into your warehouse.

The order management report is linked with our track and trace online portal which provides real time monitoring of your consignment.

As a standard offering all our clients have access to 24/7 online track and trace of their shipments providing access to shipment data, documents, invoices and more.

Improve Your Supply Chain Reporting Today

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