Futuristic Cloud based Integration with DEANGravity


How Does It Work?

DEANGravity is perfect for those who are seeking to be a step ahead in their business and extremely competitive in their industry. DEANGravity can provide an around the clock visibility of your businesses global operations. A picture of the seamless movement of products across all sales and distribution channels. Being a suite of apps built for today’s mobile environment it aims to simplify the planning, execution and optimization of end to end supply chaisn. One other major benefit that DEANGravity offer’s is seamless integration into your existing supply chain technology.

Within the DEANGravity platform your business can view, control, share and execute your sourcing:

  • Supply
  • Transport
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Finance

Activities in real-time. No servers to own, operate or maintain. Just plugin and engage with your supply chain quickly and economically.

DEANGravity allows your business in the following functions:

  • SUPPLY - Take the uncertainty out of production
  • TRANSPORT- From A to B, avoid the hassle and expense with a seamless Transport system.
  • INVENTORY- Add an up-to-the minute view of your global inventory, wherever it is.
  • COMMERCE- Connect on and off-line stores to your supply chain through in Commerce function.
  • FINANCE- Save time and gain accuracy with automated settlement.

Modern Third Party Logistics

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