Streamlined Aerospace Warehousing and

DEAN World Cargo understand the specialised requirements of the aerospace industry. From airframes to engines for commercial or military markets, we have the experience to create a tailored solution to accommodate your operational specifications.

We work with commercial airframe manufacturers, the world’s leading airlines, parts distributors and government and defence contractors in the industry. Our niche services include aircraft engine movements, in-flight assistance, purchase order traceability, door-to-door delivery, specialised staff and a 24-hour phone hotline for aerospace clients. We are also certified to handle dangerous goods.

Our online tracking tool which is accessible 24/7 provides visibility over your product at all times. Our global presence and flexibility is aimed at delivery of the final result for aerospace products- damage free and on-time delivery. We recognise the urgency of this industry and are available to assist you whether it be with a grounded aircraft or urgent spare parts at any time.


Aerospace Case Study
We developed a pick and pack warehouse operation for a large aircraft leasing, repair and asset management company that is based in the UK. When this aircraft leasing company decided to move away from pure asset management of aircraft into aircraft breakdowns, repairs and overhaul of parts to their existing clients, DEAN Tigers (our overseas partners) were able to assist.

We developed a pick and pack warehouse operation around the customer parts maintenance software platform to link the freight services already on offer to the customer. The stock was stored at the Tigers’ Heathrow facility which reduced lead times from purchase orders being placed to parts. In addition, our services to this client also include courier services and we are proud to be their long term logistics provider.

Over Three Decades of Exceptional Customer Service

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