Supply Chain Strategies for the
Automotive Industry

The team at DEAN World Cargo are experienced in securely handling vehicles from origin to destination. We have dedicated personnel who specialise in all relevant customs and permit requirements both locally and abroad to ensure that your shipments move efficiently. We can manage the entire process from car refurbishments and export/import to final delivery. If you would like to learn more about our freight forwarding capabilities get in touch with DEAN World Cargo today.

Automotive Case Study
We have decades of experience in transporting all forms of vehicles from used and new to caravans and larger automobiles. DEAN World Cargo imported the vehicle that was used in the worldwide hit film The Hangover for a Melbourne-based client. Stowing the vehicle securely within the container was imperative along with discharging the vehicle carefully; professional supervision was crucial to ensure the pristine vehicle was delivered to the client in perfect condition.

From Port-to-Port and Door-to-Door

Coordinate various automotive shipments with the diligent team at DEAN World Cargo today.Contact us for more information about our specialised services.