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DEAN World Cargo has experience with coordinating with production companies to bring art events and exhibitions to the Australian market. We work alongside exhibitors in Australia but are also supported by our strong partners at origin who assist in preparing to export the event or exhibition material.

Due to the often tight deadlines and fragile nature of the cargo, it is vital that we monitor all stages of the supply chain from pre- to post-exhibition. To support events and exhibition, our tailored services include pre- and post-event storage, document and customs preparation, equipment provision such as forklifts and cranes etc. as required, removal and storage of equipment, transportation to the next delivery or even a project manager to oversee the entire process.

Exhibition and Events Case Study
DEAN Tigers, our overseas partners, were the key logistics provider to Walter Van Bierendonck’s exhibition ‘Dream the World Awake’ which was held at RMIT in July 2013. This was the first major international event to have been presented at the RMIT Design Hub building and DEAN Tigers was responsible for transporting articles from Antwerp and Belgium to Melbourne.

Transporting the exhibition was quite a complex process due to the fragile and high-value nature of the goods. The capability of our logistics provider in Belgium assisted in ensuring the goods were packed correctly to avoid damage and the air and sea freight shipments moved smoothly without delay. It was also important that goods were temperature controlled and packed correctly in the container for ease of unpacking at the destination and to maintain the impeccable condition of the goods which were many years old.

The opening night and following exhibition weeks at RMIT were a success and enjoyed by all. DEAN Tigers was then involved in the final repacking and export back to Belgium which had to be transported in the same manner.

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