Third Party Logistics for Pharmaceuticals
and More

DEAN World Cargo has the experience and capability to work in this technically demanding industry. We manage the imperative storage and transport demands for pharmaceuticals to ensure that the quality and integrity of our client’s products is maintained.

We offer a variety of temperature-controlled environments for storage, distribution and international freight. Our operations can be tailored to meet specific requirements and deadlines. For example, we partner with transport carriers that can make deliveries city-wide within three hours and globally within 24 hours.

DEAN Tigers, our overseas partners, can also offer customer help desks for Healthcare, invoice management, customs clearance and a range of other solutions that are part of the overall supply chain.

For a Fortune 500 company and medical device manufacturer with US$7 billion revenue, DEAN Tigers operates the Hong Kong and China distribution centre. This share facility contains ambient and cold chain products at 2-8°C and -20°C as required. The temperature is constantly monitored with alerts triggered in the case of any issues or variances. In brief, cold chain services offered to this client include ambient, chilled and frozen.


Healthcare Case Study
This US-based specialist surgical medicines company manufactures life-saving products which are used for complex surgery in Germany. This product requires time sensitive logistics to a large number of hospitals in Germany and a full cold chain storage system of 5°C.

Logistics requirements for this client are met with refrigerated storage chilled between 2-8°C and transport with insulated boxes and gel packs at -18°C.

The key benefits for this client have been reduced transit times, increased reliability and decreased start-up times.

Temperature-Sensitive Storage and Other Freight Considerations

Call DEAN World Cargo today to discuss your shipment requirements. In addition to freight forwarding we also specialise in warehousing and distribution. Our global outreach combined with our customs brokerage ensures that we are able to deliver fast and efficient results.