3PL Warehousing and Distribution

Outsource your 3PL Distribution with Confidence

In addition to coordinating cargo shipments via land, sea and air you must also consider how you are going to store and distribute your goods. Do you own the infrastructure required to run an effective operation? The team at DEAN World Cargo offer more than freight forwarding, we also provide 3pl warehousing Melbourne and warehousing and distribution options around the world.

By centralising your logistics and freight activities with DEAN World Cargo we will optimise all of your processes with our integrated IT management and efficient international outreach while taking advantage of our storage facilities and access to port transportation options. Our services enable you to run a distribution centre without having to actually own it.

3PL Warehousing and Distribution

Fulfilment Services

DEAN World Cargo have distribution centres in North America, Asia, Europe, South Africa, Russia and China & Australia. We have the global outreach and the warehouse infrastructure to cater for all your fulfilment needs.

We can assist you to establish an online presence from the initial research of entering a new market to the distribution of your online store.

Tigers e-fulfilment services can be combined with Tiger Pac and other services. DEAN Tigers offer e-fulfillment servicing for B2C within China, as well as globally, and can establish a model to suit your needs.

Tigers e-fulfilment and Tigers store system was developed to support B2C and domestic online sales fulfillment. The system is linked to the Warehouse Management System (WMS), multiple customers ERP and express tracking systems. The returns process has been fully tested and tracking labels are sent with all outbound orders, ensuring your customers always have visibility of their orders.

E-Fulfillment Services
  • Optional inbound
  • Order management
  • Call centre support
  • Warehousing
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery and returns management

We can assist you with managing your inventory by streamlining order picking and stock replenishment processes via seamless IT integration and optimised storage and goods handling. All facilities are secure.

3PL Support

We provide everything you need to ensure that your third-party logistics is efficient including:

  • Full service warehousing and distribution (cross dock)
  • Labelling, ticketing, repacking, kitting, more
  • Compliance with major retail processing (EDI, etc.)
  • Container unpacking
  • Palletisation and storage
  • Scan pick and pack retail store level (flat pack, garment on hanger)
  • E-Fulfillment for mail orders, returns management, more

Global Freight Solutions

To learn more about our 3pl warehousing Melbourne and International distribution capabilities, call DEAN World Cargo today.