Maintain a centralised distribution centre, without the ongoing costs.

With established infrastructure and purpose-built facilities, we’re able to offer our customers the opportunity to outsource warehousing and distribution, with a variety of options including fulfilment services, storage, inventory management, packaging, customer service support and more.


When you centralise your logistics and freight activities with us, we can optimise all of your processes using integrated IT management and international outreach while you take advantage of our secure storage facilities and order fulfilment options.


Access to the best and latest technology means we can assist you with more than just transport. We can help you establish and manage an online business with e-fulfilment services, coordinate fulfilment from global distribution centres and oversee third-party logistics.


Our team ensures our customers remain agile and have the ability to scale as needed by establishing quality warehousing and distribution processes. Everything from stock replenishment to IT integration, storage and goods handling can be coordinated on your behalf.


Warehousing & Distribution

Centralise your logistics and freight with our 3PL warehousing options and run an efficient distribution centre without the infrastructure.


Meet the standards for pallet labelling every time and get your product to market faster, saving time and money.


Minimise handling and storage times by dispensing goods directly to your customers from our worldwide distribution centres.


Streamline manufacturing assembly processes for increased production efficiency with 3PL kitting services.

Inventory management

Leverage IT integration, secure optimised storage and goods handling services to effectively manage order picking and stock replenishment.


Maintain your brand integrity with goods that are packaged safely and appropriately for delivery and arrive at their destination undamaged.


“The Dean organisation has a comprehensive understanding of the TCF industries and is quite unique in an industry now dominated by very large impersonal corporations, their hands-on approach by all levels within their organisation gives them a distinct competitive advantage.”

Russell Mullane

Chief Financial Officer/ Group Logistics

Sussan Group

“Over the years we have made considerable savings compared to using local warehouses and all benchmarking studies indicate that we are operating extremely efficiently. The teams at both Tigers and DEANs are extremely supportive and responsive. In particular our contacts in China are all proficient in English and communicate exceptionally well. Their customer service ethic is second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Graham Lack

Merchandise Planning and Supply Chain Manager

Suzanne Grae Corporation

“DEAN World Cargo has been a significant contributor to improving Kincrome’s profitability in reducing import costs by 35%.”

Justin Burgoine, Managing Director

Kincrome Tools and Equipment

“DEAN’s work has been a major factor in our company’s success, helping it to become one of the most prominent homewares suppliers in the Australian market.”

Terry Fitzell, General Manager

HAG Import Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd

“Approximately 2 ½ years ago I decided to move all of our garment imports through Dean World Cargo. After a lot of research, I found they were priced competitively and had a good understanding of freight forwarding for the fashion industry. I’ve been happy with our communication and day-to-day relations. Their customer service is fantastic. It’s not often there are issues, but if there are, the Dean Cargo team are always very quick to respond and solve problems in the best way possible. Nothing is too much trouble! As a client, I feel extremely well looked after. I would highly recommend their services to any importer.”

Jessica Wood, Production Manager


“Dean World Cargo plays an important role within Crumpler’s supply chain processes, making every import or export processes a breeze, yet still efficient and fast steps at the same time. The teams at Dean has been very responsive and helpful to all Crumpler’s logistics and supply chain needs. We confidently would recommend Dean to any company.”

Martono Widjaja

Finance/Logistics | Crumpler

“As a leading player in the Australian import steel industry, we have found the services and attention provided by the management and Staff at Dean World Cargo to be second to none. The companies understanding of the inner working of Wright Steel has enabled us to confidently utilise their services and we would have no hesitation in recommending the level of professional attention and most importantly a standard far superior to the other service providers in the field.”

Geoff Wright

Managing Director | Wright Steel Sales

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