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About DEAN World Cargo

DEAN World Cargo has specialised in third party logistics, freight forwarding and customs clearance since 1983. The business, import and export business back in the 1980s was a very different industry compared to today.

In a predominantly manufacturing context during the eighties, the logistical focus was on high import duties, tariff protection, import quotas and a complicated customs system. DEAN World Cargo was born into this environment with heavy emphasis on customs clearance and tariff matters as well as obtaining import quotas for clients in the TCF (Textile, Clothing and Footwear) industries.

Shipping lines were kings and rates were very high compared to today. It was in these early days, decades ago, that DEAN World Cargo developed a strong rapport with the TCF industries which lead us to working with many leading specialty retailers and wholesalers. A strong sense of speaking their language developed, which enabled us cater to their needs and develop more sophisticated reporting and ultimately value added services offshore.

The emphasis, across the board, switched from the Australian end of high tariffs and so on to a low tariff environment and a relatively simple set of customs procedures. Shipping lines and airlines became more competitive and information was suddenly transparent with the advent of the internet. This has become more so with information readily available across many mediums.

DEAN World Cargo Today

Fast-forward to today and the entire supply chain is open to everyone with a smart phone. We have transformed our services into that of a premium 4PL provider, harnessing resources, capability and technology to provide true ‘International Trade Facilitation’.

The team at DEAN World Cargo have made the transition to remain agile and competitive in a market where successful globalisation hinges on various factors from maintaining long-term partnerships with offshore partners to establishing optimised trading routes and so much more.

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If you need to improve your freight forwarding processes get in touch with DEAN World Cargo today. An optimised supply chain is more cost-effective and efficient than squandering your resources on a sub-par service. We also offer various transport options Australia-wide to assist you with your distribution requirements.