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Founded in 1983, DEAN World Cargo has a long-established reputation as a leading supply chain logistics provider both in Australia and internationally. We work closely with a global network of partners to consistently add value for our customers as the industry evolves and grows in complexity.

We understand that moving goods from A to B is just the beginning. That you need innovative solutions to meet your ongoing shipping needs, paired with the right advice and support to help you make smarter decisions.

And that’s what you can expect from DEAN World Cargo.

Our mission


We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service and latest in smart solutions to meet a variety of shipping requirements across multiple industries. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we’ll work closely with you to understand your specific needs and how to address them in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our leadership team

Nick Hales

Executive Director

Nick has 25 years’ experience working with Australian importers and  understands the key factors that make a genuine impact on business. This has fuelled his passion for developing competitive and reliable supply
chain solutions that efficiently trigger growth and success. Nick joined his father at DEAN World Cargo in 2009 and has worked in every department of the business, focusing on delivering smart solutions for a wide variety of Australian importers.

Nick can be contacted at:
Mob: 0407 554 140


Chief Executive Officer

John has over 17 years of supply chain,logistics and brokerage experience with 12 years as a licensed customs broker and tariff consultant.
John first joined DEAN World Cargo in 2015 as COO and has lead the team in transforming the operation and service offering to our customers.

Utilising extensive operational and commercial experience working with complex supply chains, John can support your business in guiding you through the challenges and opportunities in your international trade requirements

John can be contacted at:
Mob: 0492 992 813

Hanney Seylim

Chief Commercial Officer

Hanney has 26 years of supply chain and logistics experience, spanning 4 continents covering strategic operational and commercial roles. Hanney joined DEAN World Cargo in 2018 and leads the customer interface areas including sales and customer services. Hanney helps both existing and potential customers achieve total supply chain synergy through a simple supply chain audit and the implementation of bespoke solutions that suit our customers’ unique requirements.

Hanney can be contacted at:
Mob: 0431 295 594


Global Supply Chain Manager

Bruce joined DEAN World Cargo in 1988 and helped laying the strong foundations of the organisation from its early stages.
Bruce’s vast experience gained in the retail and wholesale clothing and textile industry (TCF) was of great significance, as David Hales and Bruce both had a great deal of contacts in this industry sector.

As the import sector rapidly changed and switched to sourcing offshore DEAN World Cargo was placed in a good position to provide a range of services and expertise which we developed in conjunction with our offshore and strategic partner. We provided retailers with cost effective and innovative services, such as multiple supplier consolidation and direct to store pick and pack with complete visibility and technology solutions.

Bruce can be contacted at:
Mob: 0418 595 875

Alexandra Hales

Finance Director

Alex has been working with DEAN World Cargo for 20 years. Alex enjoys working with her colleagues at DEAN Team and its many long-term customers, she is always willing to go above and beyond to help. Alex has keen attention to detail and high organisational skills which help her achieve a high standard of billing accuracy.

Alex can be contacted at:
Mob: 0403 053 366

Renu Sindhu

Customer Service Manager

Renu has 20 years of freight forwarding industry experience and is completely comfortable tackling the most complex of logistics projects. Renu joined DEAN World Cargo in 2018 and manages a team of energetic and enthusiastic customer service executives. Renu is focused on excellence in account management and customer service, and achieving customers’ requirements provides her with immense satisfaction. After so many years of experience, Renu believes that “communication is the key”.

Renu can be contacted at:
Mob: 0422 655 603

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