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February 21, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Leading the Way in Logistics for Fashion and Lifestyle Industry

As a thought leader,  Bruce Haines frequently attends networking and educational forums.  He believes strongly in keeping abreast of education, concerning our DEAN World Cargo Specialist Industries such as the Fashion and Lifestyle

On Tuesday the 6th of March, Bruce attended a Victorian e-Commerce Network meeting which focused on the fashion sector.   The informative fashion, beauty and lifestyle eCommerce centred around China cross-border eCommerce channel.  It was hosted by Trade and Investment Victoria the State Government of Victoria and included a breakfast with a 46th floor view of Melbourne CBD, Australian brand delegates and guest speakers.

While attending many of Trade Victoria’s events over the years.  This event raised the bar with a mixed portfolio of  speakers’ such as Lin Lin (CIBE) whom is a independent Director to Shanghai’s International Beauty Expo, Shayne Mele ( who is the Merchandise Manager to and Peter Xu a more than renowned KOL and fashion influencer.

Bruce has been providing Logistic consulting for major fashion brands for more than 30 years with DEAN World Cargo.   Fashion has always been fast and unexpected and now with the inclusion of eCommerce channels.  It is opening up opportunities for Australian brands to take advantages of their originality and quality of design talent.

Bruce would encourage any Australian brand to build their global presence and is always available to offer guidance for all Logistics solutions.   His major motivation is offering ease of doing business.

Kind Regards,

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Bruce Haines